What It Took to Bring Black Pepper Crab, Mambo Jambo and the Great Spy Experiment to Singaporeans Far From Home

Since 2007 Singaporeans around the world have reconnected with their heritage by attending Singapore Day in April, a festival mounted each year in alternating international cities. Last month, Singapore Day 2012 was held in Prospect Park (Brooklyn, New York), where Singaporeans celebrated their culture through local cuisine and arts, as they kept abreast of the latest developments back in their homeland. Bringing the “hawker” food, entertainment, and exhibits to those 5,000 visitors involved complex efforts to transport the authentic displays straight from Singapore’s docks to the East Coast of the United States.

New Jersey-based 网赌上分平台 (Phoenix International Business Logistics) was selected to serve as the official Customs Broker and U.S. freight forwarder for Singapore Day 2012. The  company immediately commenced the intensive logistical planning involved with arranging the delivery of these exhibits, including air and sea transport, customs documentation and clearance, and the coordinated placement of eight 40 ft. containers in Prospect Park. With half a dozen forklifts, a 40-ton mobile crane, along with a battery of other specialized equipment, the operations team managed to set up this elaborate event, complete with visual representations of two renowned locations in Singapore, Raffles Hotel and Marina Bay (including a simulation car that created the effect of driving alongside the bay).
The process began four months ago in order to ensure that the shipments from Singapore would arrive on a timely basis. 网赌上分平台, working in conjunction with Singapore associate, APT Showfreight, carefully managed the process using their high level of expertise in event transportation and customs clearance, and state-of-the-art monitoring systems.
According to Phil Hobson, President of 网赌上分平台, “Singapore Day involved intricate planning, and we’re excited to have been a part of bringing this event to Singaporeans in the United States. We embraced the challenge of delivering this authentic experience directly from Singapore.  Whenever you organize an event in a park setting, each detail becomes vitally important, from how to keep large trucks off the grass, to just what times you can operate equipment in a public space designed for the recreation of many citizens.”
Singapore Day 2012 highlights (organized by Overseas Singaporean Unit):

  • Hawker fare from the famous food stalls of Singapore included specialties such as black pepper crab, rojak, chicken rice and roti prata

  • Home-grown headline acts, such as local band The Great Spy Experiment, Singapore Idol finalist Sylvia Ratonel, and Mambo Jambo, a dance phenomenon strongly rooted in Singapore’s clubs

  • Experiential showcases on the latest developments (arts, culture, economy, military/defense) in Singapore
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